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About SPS

Providing Warmth, Light, & Connectivity to Communities Throughout the Greater Dallas & Fort Worth Region of Texas

Superior Pipeline Services (SPS) provides world-class utility infrastructure services for oil, energy, and broadband companies in the Greater Dallas-Fort Worth region of Texas. With our local facilities, enthusiastic team, and expert field workers, we deliver unparalleled quality and around-the-clock emergency repair services to our customers and their communities. Whenever you need reliable, end-to-end infrastructure solutions, SPS is ready to help, day or night.

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about sps

Utility &
Infrastructure Capabilities

Your Trusted Partner for Reliable End-to-End Cross Platform
Utility, Infrastructure, & 24/7 Emergency Services
Gas Distribution

We offer a full suite of Natural Gas Distribution services to our utility customers including new construction, maintenance and repairs, joint utility trenching, and more.

Pipeline & Facility Construction

Our comprehensive Pipeline & Facility Construction services include hot tapping, pig launching, hydro testing, valve stations, regulator stations, long-distance pipeline installation, and much more.

Power Distribution

With the ability to provide both above-ground and underground power delivery, our Power Distribution services include full construction, reconstruction, and emergency-fix capabilities.

Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC)

SPS has the expertise, capabilities, and vendor relationships to fully plan a complex project, procure and store all necessary materials, and perform flawless construction.


From advanced 5G cellular towers to traditional copper and fiber systems, our Broadband distribution and transmission services serve both urban and ultra-rural areas.


Our comprehensive soft scape and hardscape Restoration services can restore your property’s construction site to its original—or better—condition in any season.


We offer a variety of job-specific Specialty offerings to complete any project, including horizontal directional drilling, hydro excavation, cathodic protection, leak surveys, and more.

Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation is an advanced method that utilizes water pressure and vacuum technology to safely expose underground utilities, chosen for its precision and suitability for tasks such as urban trenching and efficient mud removal.



Nothing Is More Important Than the Safety of Our People, Our Customers, & Our Communities

As a top industry leader, safety is not a buzzword at SPS; it is our culture. We prioritize the safety of our crews, customers, and communities above all else. This means consistent, ongoing safety training, certifications, and audits. This uncompromising demand for safety is exhibited in how we treat people, how we expect people to behave, and how we enforce our own standards. We work hard to provide every employee with the best training, tools, support, and mentorship possible.

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Our Passion for Excellence Starts at the Top

Our people-centric leadership team comprises a diverse core of dedicated, focused, and experienced executives and managers. Our commitment starts with our employees and their families and extends to our customers and the communities they power and connect.

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Building Stronger
Communities for All

At SPS, we believe in taking great care of people. That’s not just something we say, it’s something we live. We are proud to help improve the lives of those we serve and connect the communities in which we live and work. Through continued community involvement, we strive to make the Dallas-Fort Worth area brighter, warmer, and stronger for years to come.

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